Boosting the Signal-Be Enlightened

Tuesday again and another 5 posts that have made a difference in my life this week. We have a little of everything this week, so dip in and enjoy the posts. As always feel free to join in and Boost the Signal yourselves, show me 5 posts that you think more people should know about. Feel free to put links into the comments for posts next week.

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Our Favorite Cliche – A World Filled With Idiots. David Brin talks sense and is amazing. Okay, fanboying over, this article raised a lot of questions about my own writing, directions that I want to take issues that I want to look at etc. Brin proves that there is no royal road to great fiction, the easy option just won’t cut it any more. At least, that’s what I took out of this.

A really yummy combination of leftovers…. | In Search of Golden Pudding. Pizza. Made with with leftovers. (I have a 6’3″ teenage son, we aspire to leftovers) Golden Pudding is just starting out and is already hitting the mark. Some nice recipes, lovely photos never tries to take someone else’s credit. Definitely one to watch.

5 Things About Introversion and Extroversion | rantsometimes. I am an introvert, what, that surprised you? Seriously??? My wife is an extrovert, which is just proof that opposites attract. We complement each other and this makes it make sense. I liked the tone of the writing, no condescension, information presented clearly and no holes in the material. I’m looking forward to reading through this writers back catalogue.

Beyond Good & Evil: 4 Moral Dichotomies | The Oak Wheel. I’ve enjoyed reading The Oak Wheel since I found it over a year ago. The material on it is so diverse that my mind always feels refreshed after reading a post on here. I enjoyed this one particularly because I’m getting bored with endless books that only highlight the eternal battle between good and evil, the writer of this piece shows that there’s room for so much more.

The Saturday Six: Coloring Book Corruptions | Long Awkward Pause. Oh this is so wrong, but I laughed so hard. Literally, tears and everything, something about these pictures just made me laugh like a drain and I’m not ashamed to admit it.