About Me

First, the important stuff.
Born in 1970 on a council estate in Leicester and it all went a bit down hill from there. Married twice, four kids, five step kids and a small army of grandchildren life is… Interesting. Left leaning politically, I’m all for a fairer society. I don’t however hold with political correctness and call it as I see it. Just because someone wears a red rosette doesn’t mean they have my unquestioned support. I don’t do racism, I don’t care what you’re religion is, if you’re cool with your sexuality then so am I, and no, gender isn’t a choice, sometimes who you are on the inside doesn’t match what you are on the outside, and you have the right to make the two match up. If that thought is too big for you then this blog isn’t for you. My daughter is transgender and no matter what your argument is, it doesn’t trump blood.
Think of a job. I’ve probably done it. Soldiering, barwork, doorman, prison officer, supply teacher, student mentor, factory hand, sandwich maker, cleaner, child minder, bookseller and rivet washer. I might have forgotten a few jobs on the way, but you get the gist.
Right now I’m at home full time with my youngest granddaughter and I can honestly say that there is nothing I’d rather be doing. In my spare time I write and I read and I watch a bit of telly.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Imagine that! I popped by your blog and here I am being recommended! I am so flattered. I didn’t even know you read me hahaha, as never did you comment i don’t think. Anyways, that made my day, thank you, seeing how my blogging endeavor is only 2 weeks old I’d say this one of my greatest accomplishments :D. Thanks again.


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