I’m no feminist. Not in any way shape or form. What I am is an egalitarian, and I make no apologies for it. Why though do so many of my gender make life so difficult? I’m not talking about on the world stage, big stuff, I’m strictly for the local. And by local I mean my family. In the space of the last hour my stepdaughters father has reduced her to tears by being a moron. (What else do you call a guy who calls up his girl, knowing she’s going through a rough patch and tell her that not only are you not seeing her on her birthday, but you’d rather spend it going around an aircraft museum, with her brother)?
Or her abusive ex, who emails her, telling her that her only other boyfriend shook his hand and congratulated him on beating her up.
Or the father of my granddaughter, who we look after, saying he wants custody because he’s figured out he can get more money on benefits than he can working.
This is all in the space of a few hours. I tell you, I truly despair of my gender, is it really that hard to be a decent human being?

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